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moving on

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It had been a good ten years until recently I decided I wanted more. Unfortunately Blogspot no longer matches up to Wordpress where blogging interface is almost idiot-proof. Plus, WP offers much more desirable blog themes. 

So there, my new address is www.acupofgie.com

i figured

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If life gives you lemons, make tequila shots.

monday with skew

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Weekends with Skew are hard to come by these days. Being your own boss isn't all about flexible working hours and being very 'eng' when others are slaving away in the office. Skew is much busier on weekends with his retail business. Since I had a few off-in-lieus on Mondays (also hard-earned with sweat and tears), Skew and I spent much quality time together, exploring places and chillaxing. ;)

Poached eggs with corned beef

Mulling over the menu at Hatched

Time over a good cuppa cafe latte

Coffee-tasting at Papa Palheta

We're 1.7 years xoxo,

idyllic days in bintan

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Hello darlings! Last weekend, Skew and I left our worldly worries behind and hid out in Bintan. Well almost; auto-roaming calls and SMSes still haunted us from time to time. *rolls eyes*

As told, the beach by Nirwana Gardens Hotel is surprisingly clean and the waters fairly clear (though far from pristine). We checked in on Sunday (an off-peak period) and with the low occupancy rate, we shared the entire strip of beach with a family of three and another couple. The unexpected tranquility was much appreciated. ;)

Skew trying his hand at archery.

Infinity pool.

Without a doubt, Bintan accepts Singapore currency. But the standard of living is much higher than we were told. A three-course dinner at the Kelong Seafood Restaurant set us back by SG$90 and our tummies saw no satisfaction. Each can of Coke is SG$4 and juices cost SG$7-8. For a moment I thought we were holidaying in Europe (?!). Crappers.

But we didn't let the exorbitant prices get to us; I had cheese crackers and dips and chocolate pies on stand-by. Best Friend sent us an email that led us to the neighbouring beach club which serves really awesome three cheese thin crust pizza (SG$11). And we lamented why we hadn't known about this little joint earlier!

For the curious little ones, judging by my barely-there tan lines, the spray-on sunscreen SPF50 from Coppertone really saved our arses. Despite the prolonged hours by the beach and pool, we hardly turned lobster. Awesome, no?!

Where is our next destination,


guess where we spent our weekend

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Only 45minutes away, not an ultimate paradise, but nonetheless an escape from the crazy city life. More pictures soon!


up up away!

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My my! Finally I'm going away. On a trip. Overseas!

How I miss my 'past life' when travelling is part of the job; packing my luggage is my everyday life and DFS is my second home. Sigh... I miss the smell of perfume counters...But anyway this time's different. It's not for work but a personal R&R trip with Skew to a nearby island. Unbelievable as it may sound, I've been stepped foot on anywhere in Indonesia.

The intention is to get me out of this crazy red dot (a major event just ended) and the 45-min boatride will see me drinking cocktails by the poolside and stuffing myself with the much-raved about seafood. No schedules, no itineraries. Enough of planning! (Tells you how mental my job drove me to)

So, my bags are packed and I'm raring to go! Already, my stomach feels sick with excitement as I'm writing this piece. ;))